• Volg een opleiding, en leer veilig poeder skiën
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  • Avalanche Safety Center

    Learn to ride powder in a safe way
    In this course you will acquiring the knowledge to ride powder.
    Limit the risks, ensure safety, pleasure and therefore more freedom.

    Be smart, sign up and get certified today!
  • Snow Profiling
  • Snow Profiling

    During this course in the Swiss Alps learn how to read snow profiles to check stability of the layers you’ll be skiing on or around.  Working with a DVA, probe & other avalanche gear to take all the precautions necessary.
    The entire course is conducted off piste.  

    True education can save your life and that of others.

  • Evaluate terrain
  • Evaluate terrain

    While using the “before” method, learn to correctly asses the angle of terrain, evaluate the current snow condition and plan the perfect line.  
    Reaching the inevitable compromise between a safe descent and the best powder, its time breathe deep and ride your line! 

Learn how to freeride, the safe way



    During the two-day program we have more time to ski off piste & to apply all the knowledge in real powder descents, depending on the conditions.

    Main Topics
    Using a pedagogical way to approach the terrain, the individual and the estimation of potential risks.
    Introduction of the use of an avalanche beacon together with an off-piste itinerary.

    Using the three SKISWISSALPS methods:
    BEFORE: Acquire knowledge and skills. Understand how to prevent and manage risk
    DURING: React effectively in an avalanche situation
    AFTER: Manage a crisis positively and successfully

    All SKISWISSALPS courses are supported by illustrated books containing simple, clear, precise and hands-on explanations available in 4 languages: English, French, German and Italian. You have the gear, now enhance your skills!


    SKISWISSALPS Philosophy

    Our progressive avalanche awareness is a training program for backcountry enthusiasts.

    4 fundamental pillars build the SKISWISSALPS concept:

    1. Speak a universal language within our community – worldwide.
    2. Keep progressing through the certification levels regardless of what location you practice your sport in.
    3. Know your mind and body using the Human Factor Self-Assessment tool before you start a project.
    4. Stay within the boundaries of pleasure and freedom (BEFORE) and avoid trouble (DURING and AFTER) using the BDA® system.



    Every participant should have following equipement during the whole course:

    • Touring skis with skins.
    • Backpack with probe & shovel.
    • Avalanche beeper with 3 antennas: for example Mammut BarryVox Pulse
    • Skipass for the local ski resort

    Why us?

    Our avalanche safety center is located in the heart of the Alps, Valais, Switzerland. It is possible to sign up for a course in the 4 Valleys, Veysonnaz, Nendaz & Verbier. We can also organise courses in Crans-Montana, Saas-Fee & Zermatt.
    It's possible to rent avalanche gear or skis, just drop us a mail so we can organize the perfect gear for you.
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