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    Private ski lessons, avalanche training & coaching. Skiing is a magnificent sport that combines awe-inspiring terrain with pristine air for an even healthier lifestyle. It is a passion that drives our lives. Our years of professional training and experience allow us to expertly guide you through a unique discovery of this sport in Zermatt, Crans-Montana, Verbier, Veysonnaz or other unique destinations.

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    Tailored luxury ski holidays
    The destinations we recommend are widely considered the world’s best, so we’ve made it our business to know every corner of these regions and resorts, both on and off the slopes. It guarantees us to provide you with an unparalleled experience.

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Carving your time

  • Why us

    Why us?

    Our insights and experience in the Swiss tourism industry put us in an ideal position to customize your trip. We provide you with the adventure and enjoyment you would expect of a world-class ski holiday. Our team is comprised of internationally certified and multi-lingual Swiss ski professionals as well as retired world-class Alpine ski competitors.

    In combining traditional methods of ski coaching with biomechanics and ski physiology, we guarantee 100% results in improving your skiing ability and confidence.

    Equally important, we pride ourselves in aligning with each client to discretely determine personal goals and the attitude in which they would best like to enjoy their holiday.
    Reigniting romance. A corporate break. Friends with a competitive edge. New experiences. Empowerment with a women’s ski camp. Sightseeing. Well-being. These are all tones to an experience we can cater to on and off the slopes.

    And underlining it all is a sense of the best. From locations, to conditions, to equipment, to our experience, energy and care.

    Given our small team of experts and our hands-on approach to all aspects of the guest experience, we have a limited booking space.

  • Biography

    Kristof Van henden
    Kristof is one of Belgium’s leading professional snow sport instructors. Having worked over 15 years in the industry, he is now the Technical Director of the Veysonnaz Ski Resort, Switzerland, and holds a Federal Certificate of Higher VET within the official Swiss Snow Sports education system. He teaches in a variety of resorts from Zermatt to New Zealand and spends his pre-season in Austria training upcoming instructors.  

    Alongside his passion for skiing, Kristof is an avid web designer. He started a web design company several years ago and continues to run it successfully on the side.

    Fluent in English, French, German and Dutch, Kristof is also a certified Dive Master, Tandem Paraglider and Kitesurfing Instructor, residing in the Valais Alps, Switzerland.

    Get in touch with Kristof : kristof@skiswissalps.com

    Yann Bouduban
    Yann comes from the Alpine ski racing world. He studied at the prestigious Sports School of Brig where he was a member of the National performance team. After retiring from the Alpine competition, he started his ski instructor career working for Swiss Ski schools and began coaching young talented ski racers both in Switzerland and New Zealand. 

    Taking advantage of his years of technique and the perfect snow conditions in Zermatt, Yann successfully tried his hand at backcountry skiing where he competed as a sponsored athlete in international circuit events such as the Freeride World Tour Qualifier.

    He is Expert of the reputed Swiss Snow Sport education who are considered the most elite of Swiss instructors. He is also an Expert with Youth & Sports Ski. Yann studied at famed Ecole Hôtelière de Lausanne, the world’s top-ranking hospitality management school, where he developed his sense for the highest quality service.

    Get in touch with Yann : yann@skiswissalps.com

  • The Company

    The Company
    We are a niche Swiss ski brand understanding that one of the biggest luxuries for successful individuals is time; which is why every aspect of a holiday is organized and executed with meticulous detail.

    We are professional, experienced and pre-emptive with our service, catering to affluent individuals and couples with discerning tastes when it comes to snow sports, style and service.  

    Our Mission
    To become leaders in the luxury ski holiday industry, delivering a world-class experience through attention, intelligence and expertise.

    Our Vision
    Understanding that time is a luxury in itself for professional and affluent clients, we provide customized and detailed organization in all aspects of a high-end ski holiday with equal attention given to the unexpected. An opportunity to ski with the top professionals, at some of the world’s best resorts, enjoying some of the finest accommodations and gastronomy.

    Core Values & Benefits
    New Experiences, Excitement, Empowerment, Expertise,
    Enjoyment & Integrity

    Our Features
    Unmatched attention, world-class locations with high altitude skiing, luxurious accommodations, exquisite dining, unique experiences, top conditions, European highlife.